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Mo, 6. Februar, 2023
StartDefaultRestaurant Check: "Bombay Haus" in Mannheim

Restaurant Check: „Bombay Haus“ in Mannheim

(by Nikki Rattan) Talk of Indian food in Mannheim city and you would instantly think of “Bombay Haus.” Perfect ambience, great music and some mouth watering food is what you would find in this Indian Café Bar Restaurant. The menu contains a wide number of side dishes, salads, main meals, deserts and beverages. Lunch Timings are from 11.30 to 14.30 at a very affordable price of Euro 6,30 only.

Most main dishes are priced from 5 Euro onwards and come with a serving of fresh Basmati Rice or Naan. Vegetarian recommendations include Palak Paneer (Spinach and Cheese), Bhaingan Bharta (Eggplant dish) to name a few. There’s a creamy Dhal Makhani with an appealing mix of lentils and beans on the menu which is extremely delicious. Not to be missed non vegetarian specialities are Chicken Tikka Masala, Butter Chicken and Lamb Bhuna. Dishes are well cooked with the right blend of spices. The Biryani (rice pilaf) is gently but persistently spiced, and tossed with a curious but enjoyable mix of cooked beans, peas and cauliflower, cabbage and crunchy almonds. Ask for some mint chutney or mango chutney with your meals and you will be served happily with a smile.
A platter of pakoras and other items from the Tandoor are unavoidable. The beverages range from Beer to Chai (Indian Tea) and the all time favourite Mango Lassi. Reasonably priced and very authentic, these beverages go well with most main dishes. Amongst the deserts, the Gulab Jamun is definitely not to be missed. 
The overall set up is very relaxing and decorated with Indian artistic portraits. The service is fast and done in a polite and friendly manner. Elegant and comfortable this place is ideal for a special evening out with family and friends or that special loved one. 
The restaurant will soon introduce six new Persian dishes to the delight of most food lovers. The restaurant is closed on Monday. There are special discounts on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Prior reservations can be made by calling the restaurant during opening hours.
Bombay Haus
L8, 10
68161 Mannheim
Tel: 0621-1702760
Opening hours include:
Tue – Thur : 18.00 – 22.30
Fri – Sat : 18.00 – 23.00
Sun – 18.00 – 23.00

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