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Do, 20. Juni, 2024
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Winners of the 16th Indian Film Festival Stuttgart – German Star of India for director Safdar Rahman

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(PM) Stuttgart – ‚Chippa‘ by Safdar Rahman, a road movie for the whole family was honoured with the German Star of India with the Feature Film category at the Awards Ceremony closing the 16th Indian Film Festival Stuttgart at Metropol cinema in Stuttgart on Sunday. The German Star of India for the Best Short Film went to ‚Nooreh‘ by Ashish Pandey. ‚Counterfelt Kunkoo‘ by Reema Sengupta received a Special Mention. ‚About Love‘ by Archana Phadke was awarded the German Star of India in the Documentary category. Director Sapna Moti Bhavanani got a Special Mention for ‚Sindhustan‘. Vikas Khanna is the winner of the Director’s Vision Award for his feature film ‚The Last Color‘. A total amount of 7,500 EUR in prize money has been awarded. More than 5,000 visitors attended the five-day Festival.

Programming of the competition for the ‚German Star of India‘ film awards was again characterised by the determination to explore the freedom of cinema.

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The festival’s big winner is ‚Chippa‘ by Safdar Rahman. The ‚German Star of India‘ for the Best Feature Film which comes with 4,000 EUR of prize money donated by the Festival’s main sponsor, Honorary Consul Andreas Lapp, honoured this year’s family film which was screened with German live voice-over. The jury of three experts was impressed with the work of director Safdar Rahman: „‚Chippa‘ is a touching, humorous and creative film about dreams and finding oneself. The film offers great entertainment for all, with great venues, modern movie elements, its wonderful lead actor Sunny Pawar, great supporting roles, and the great screenplay by Sardar Rahman, and will surely appeal to a wide audience in the whole world. ‚Chippa‘ is the story of one night in a boy’s life where he is looking for someone to translate a letter by his father who disappeared without a trace. „A great message“, so the jury on Chippa’s words „life has just begun“, with his way to the future still being full of surprises, adventure, chance encounters and confidence.

‚Nooreh‘ is the Best Short Film

‚Nooreh‘ by Ashish Pandey is the winner of the Short Film category, a film set in a village in a battle zone at the Indian-Pakistani border. Death is part of everyday life. According to the jury, the film shows the challenge of a girl who defends herself both playfully as well as symbolically against the interests of the adult world with her childhood action: „The girl Nooreh sacrifices her nocturnal sleep and thus creates peace in her village. Because only when she closes her eyes, there is war.“

The short film ‚Counterfeit Kunkoo‘ by Reema Sengupta was rewarded with a Special Mention by the jury.

‚About Love‘ wins the Award for the Best Documentary

The German Star of India for the Best Documentary went to ‚About Love‘ by Archana Phadke, according to the jury a „film that depicts a personal portrait of a middle-class family in today’s urban India – and encourages us to be honest, open and relaxed“, with the director giving audiences a „very open and honest insight into the life and coexistence of three generations in Mumbai with the cinematic portrayal of her family, where „the harmless-looking everyday scenes are intimately interwoven by a wonderful montage“, while „a sense of closeness is created through camera work and attention to detail.“

Director Sapna Moti Bhavanani received a Special Menetion for her documentary ‚Sindhustan‘.

‚The Last Color‘ by Vikas Khanna wins Director’s Vision Award

The Director’s Vision Award went to Vikas Khanna’s film ‚The Last Color‘. The film prize which comes with 500 EUR sponsored by Derrick Linco’s Bombay Dance Club (Stuttgart) is aimed at directors who, with their film, take an ambitious look at cultural or social issues.

Save the Date

The 17th Indian Film Festival Stuttgart will take place from July 15th to 19th, 2020.

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