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Sa, 24. Oktober, 2020
Start English "Monsoon Shootout": Can truth be simple?

"Monsoon Shootout": Can truth be simple?

(c) Filmbüro Baden-Württemberg
(am) Monsoon Shootout is a film based on the famous Mumbai police. Mumbai with its charismatic rain is famous for the activities of gangsters and illegal activities and is more popular for its hard-headed cops. Amit Kumar, the director and writer of this story has been very successful in provoking the viewers to put on three different hats to watch the same situation.

Adi, a young police constable on his first day of his job replies to his mother that he will select his own path of life instead of following either of “the right, wrong and middle paths” of any action as said by his father. He while assisting inspector Khan in a busting operation of a local kingpin Slum Lord had to chase an axe killer named Shiva. But within the frozen fractions of moment taken by Adi to decide and pull the trigger of his gun to kill Shiva, he is gunned down by the con.
The decision making process of a human brain brings out many options which actually becomes a moral dilemma. Though the repetition of “Truth is simple” by Adi to his love Anu emphasizes that it is an easy task to be simple but simplicity and humanity actually never impacts the corruption in our society. Ultimately the devil wins and the good spirit has to sacrifice in this bloody battle.
With Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Tannishtha Chatterjee both visitors of the Indian film festival in Stuttgart – film director Amit Kumar could find two top-class actors to assign the lead roles. A real treat for the audience. had the opportunity to talk to film director Amit Kumar about “Monsoon Shootout” and his upcoming projects. An interview will follow soon.


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