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Mo, 8. August, 2022
StartEnglishMovie review: The Silence - "a true story"

Movie review: The Silence – "a true story"

(c) Filmbüro Baden-Württemberg
(kj) As the screen darkens and the last lines of the closing credits slowly become blurred, there comes a moment of complete silence. The audience is too overwhelmed to utter even a casual remark, let alone to gather the thoughts and contemplate a question to the producers. It is only when the hands awaken from the stupor, the hall explodes with a hearty applause for Ashwini Sidwani and her team. Meanwhile the minds begin to wonder about the ‘ifs and buts’ and that’s when the questions, remarks and comments start pouring in.
The film is based on a true story of a little girl Chini in rural Maharashtra. Her father has been going through difficult times since the demise of his wife. He is at a loss when his daughter gets her first period and asks her maternal uncle to take her to a nearby town, where he and his wife live. The events after her departure require a great deal of endurance even from an emotionally hardened viewer. There is a myriad of emotions stirring up in one’s mind ranging from fury, helplessness and frustration to a seed of hope and inevitability of the passing. 

(c) Filmbüro Baden-Württemberg
‘The Silence’ is Sidwani’s first movie. It has been unanimously confirmed by the audience, that it absolutely doesn’t look like one. The storyline is bold and lucid, the photography absorbing and the editing firm and natural. After encountering Ashwini Sidwani during the Q&A and sensing her tremendous concern for the story and the protagonist as well as for all the unknown and yet uncovered tales of abuse and neglect, it was indeed anticipated that she deserved to be honored with the ‘Director’s Vision’ award. Congratulations to Ashwini Sidwani and the entire team of ‘The Silence’. had the chance to interview the ‚Director’s Vision‘ award winner. Stay tuned!

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