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So, 21. April, 2024
StartEnglishVinod Kapri: "Newton is very good, but a bit unrealistic"

Vinod Kapri: "Newton is very good, but a bit unrealistic"

The Stuttgart Film Festival has been proven to be an excellent source to interview upcoming Indian film makers, but also experienced ones, such as Vinod Kapri. Born in 1972, Vinod is actually a journalist (Zee News, Star News, …), who comines his knowledge with film making. He was awarded by National Awards for his documentary „Can’t Take This Shit Anymore“ and presented his new film „Pihu“.

Welcome to the 14th Indian Film Festival in Stuttgart, Vinod! It’s great having you here. How do you like it here, is it your first time in Stuttgart or even in Germany? How did you experience the Indian film festival here so far?
It is the first time I’m coming here, but it’s the second time my film is screened at this festival in 2015. I’m the first time in Stuttgart and I’m really enjoying it. Especially the way the film bureau has organized the event, the way they are treating us. We are watching people, meeting good film makers from India, different languages and got a chance to watch good Marathi films. In a way it’s also a good learning experience for me as a film maker, too. It’s completely a different city with a different culture here in Stuttgart. And I’m really amazed, it is quite surprised to know the fact that a German city is organizing an Indian film festival. 
You’ve watched movies, attended as well some events I guess and tonight the Award ceremony ‘German Star Of India’ is going to happen. So if you look back, what was your personal highlight at this festival so far?
I got a chance to watch few films. I watched ‘Newton’ a film by Amit, then a Marathi film ‘Kasaav’ (Turtle), then I watched ‘Lipstick Under My Burkha’. I love all films. I really liked the thought behind the film ‘Kasaav’ and the way the story was narrated. It was about a young man who is in depression, how to handle that particular man. ‘Newton’ is also a very good film. Somehow at the end I felt it was a bit unrealistic. Just before the climax part it was a bit unrealistic, but it was a very good film. Yesterday I watched a film named ‘Laal Bali’ by a young film director ‘NAME’ from India. She really has potential, she is still studying as well taking part of film making course. 
Tell us about your upcoming projects. What is currently in your pipeline and what do you want to do later on?
Currently I’m working on one script. There are few story lines (03:34:22). Unfortunately I cannot give you more details on it because they have told me not to do so. But one film is ‘Zeroine’ and hopefully by the month of January 2018 the film will be released. 
Maybe it will be screened at the 15th Indian film festival in Stuttgart as well…
… yes, hopefully.
If you would describe the film festival with 2 or 3 words only which come to your mind spontaneously, what would they be?
Peaceful and excellent !
Thank you very much for your time being here with us today and at the festival with your movie and we are looking forward to meeting you again with another film in Stuttgart.
Sure, thank you, too.
Tomal K. Ganguly
Tomal K. Ganguly
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